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The story behind my art

I was born in Vancouver BC, growing up in Richmond and Steveston area and now spend my active life sharing time between the  BC Mountains and the Sea.

I haven't any formal training but enjoy  a variety of Artists work and Local BC Artists who inspire me.


My own Mother, an artist was a  great influencer for me. Mine inspired a love of painting and creating. I had always hoped that I would have some place in my life for some type of creative interest when work would not be taking most of my time. I watched my Mother just take up painting and drawing in her later years when my Father was diagnosed with Parkinson"s Disease. She began a journey of learning that supported her , giving her joy and inspiration at a very difficult point in her life. At this time I became aware it was possible to explore a new interest at anytime in life.

I took up sketching with pen & ink and some figurative drawing and moved into playing with paints and exploring.

I find I have a love of gestural abstraction, non objective art. I am influenced by nature and seasons and a love of play and experimentation.

An energy expressed by mark making begins my play, odd tools and experimentation leads my way.

I enjoy working with acrylics, journaling with inks and watercolour, play in mixed media and cold wax and oil.

I like to create in play mode, deep underbodies with mark making, textures, different tools and transparency effects with no plan at all. What happens and appears to me is usually related to a moments glimpse of a scene from  nature during time outdoors.

My underbodies have shapes , marks, colours and textures that reappear as the paintings develop as mystery in the finished piece. A wonderful surprise to myself that keeps me experimenting, learning, and loving the process.

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